As the author of The Yoga of Kirtan, Steven Rosen was asked by two prominent yoga magazines to cover what may well be the most important kirtan event of the

March/April, 2009

decade: Chant4Change. The March and April issues of LA Yoga and Yoga: Mind, Body, Spirit, respectively, contain his well-documented and photo-illustrated articles.


Sharon Gannon and David Life, the founders of the Jivamukti Yoga School, one of the nation's most popular yoga centers, show their support of Steve’s new book at the inaugural book-signing.

Krishna Das holds Steve’s new book to his heart, humorously concealing the pictures of all the kirtan singers on the cover with his hands (leaving only his own picture for all to see). In the next frame, KD extends best wishes for Steve’s new kirtan project.

Steven Rosen was interviewed on Gary Golberg‘s “In the Spirit” on WRPI 91.5 FM Radio. Gary played tracks from The Yoga of Kirtan’s compilation CD, and then asked Steven to explain them. The show was aired live on the Internet:   

July 24, 2008, 1 P.M: Yoga of Kirtan Radio.

Yoga Magazine recently featured Steven Rosen’s six-page article, “Sonic Spirituality”—a summary of his book, The Yoga of Kirtan—in its August U.K. issue (the cover is pictured on the left). The article again appeared the following month in the U.S. edition (on the right).

August/September, 2008

The following week saw the Integral Yoga Giftshop, also in Manhattan, place the book in its front window, as kiran enthusiasts from around the city attended the numerous kirtan events there. The Yoga of Kirtan was in the store, just waiting for them.

                                        That same week, East West Books on Fifth Avenue in New York City
                                         sold out their first shipment of the Yoga of Kirtan -- it certainly helped
                                         when CEO and owner Jan Matthews decided to prominently display
the book in the store's Fifth Avenue window. She positioned it among the kirtan CDs as well.

Sean Johnson and Steven Rosen at the OM Factory.

Steven Rosen was invited to autograph books at the OM  Factory on 37th Street in Manhattan. Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band performed their inimitable New Orleans-inflected kirtan for an audience of enthusiastic yogis and yoginis. Both before and after the show, Sean invited people to meet Steve and to purchase autographed copies of his kirtan book.

June 28, 2008

OM Factory

The inaugural book-signing event for The Yoga of Kirtan took place at Jivamukti Yoga School in New York City.

   A gathering of 300 yoga en-thusiasts attended for a special screening of a new film on the life of Swami Satchidananda.

   Krishna Das (KD) performed as well, attracting numerous yogis and yoginis with his mellifluous kirtan.

June 22, 2008

Jivamukti Yoga School

August 7, 2008

The kirtan book was reviewed by Timothy Burgin, editor of YogaBasics (an award-winning website on yoga, detailing all related news and information), along with two other recent books on chanting. To see the full review, click here:

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September, 2008

The September issue of Wisdom magazine featured Steven Rosen’s article “Kirtan Yoga,” an overview  of sacred chant as the preeminent yogic process for this age. click for complete article

September/October, 2008

The September/October issue of New Life magazine marked the beginning of the magazines’s merger with New York Yoga magazine. That issue contained a review of the Yoga of Kirtan written by Vineet Chander, who is the coordinator for Hindu life at Princeton University. click for complete review

November/December, 2008

Linda Johnsen, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hinduism (2002) and Kirtan! Chanting as a Spiritual Path (2007), wrote a review of the Yoga of Kirtan for Yoga+ Joyful Living magazine. See our home page for her concise and eloquent review.

October, 2008

On October 28, Jai Uttal enlivened the many attendees at his Integral Yoga concert in New York City. Jai and Steve Rosen (pictured here) celebrate The Yoga of Kirtan prior to the event.

LA Yoga, a well-known yoga magazine in Southern California, carried a review of The Yoga of Kirtan in a recent issue (Vol. 7, No. 8). Written by Felicia Marie Tomasko, the magazine’s senior editor, the book is highly recommended for both fledgling and experienced yogis. Tomasko muses on the effects of the modern kirtan phenomenon: “. . . there has been an undeniable influence on the popularity of sacred music by the musicians who tirelessly sing, record and travel the world spreading the love. In The Yoga of Kirtan, Steven Rosen has collected an extremely comprehensive collection of interviews with these modern-day [kirtan artists], who have revolutionized today's experience of sacred music.”

Event/ January 19, 2009!!!

Chant4Change was a resounding success! Sparked by President Obama’s inauguration, Gaura Vani’s Kirtan Festival ushered in a new age. The author of The Yoga of Kirtan documented the event for the yoga world (see March above).

February 2009

With the success of The Yoga of Kirtan, the Winter 2009 issue of Integral Yoga Magazine focused on kirtan, with articles by the Kirtan Rabbi, Jai Uttal, Vaiyasaki Das, and others. Included in this same issue were two articles by Steven Rosen: “Kirtan and the World Religion,” which is excerpted from The Yoga of Kirtan, and an interview article about the book. The entire interview appears here.

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